Member Agency Requirements

About Our Network

Our Food Bank member agencies provide access to healthy food to people in need statewide.

As members of the Food Bank, agencies have access to the following resources:

  • Food and non-food products
  • Educational and technical program assistance
  • Networking opportunities with peers

All of our members meet the following criteria:

  1. All members are organizations located in Rhode Island and designated as either charitable 501(c)(3)’s as determined by the IRS, or a religious organization.
  2. Members listed on our Food Assistance List are community pantries and meal sites open to the public.
  3. All food pantries, meal sites and shelters submit monthly statistic reports to the Food Bank.  This information helps us determine how many neighbors are accessing our community partners throughout the state each month.
  4. All community program members operate out of facilities licensed by the RI Department of Health and carry food safety certifications.
  5. All members operated a food assistance program for a minimum of three months before applying for membership, per Feeding America guidelines.

More Information on Membership:

  • The Food Bank strategically considers program locations, days and hours of operation, as well as policies and services before bringing on new members. We are currently seeking new food pantry members serving Woonsocket and Aquidneck Island, as well as in gaps areas of underserved populations throughout the state.
  • At this time we are not able to bring on new pantries in areas where our member network already has coverage. Partnerships or support to our existing members may be suggested instead.
  • Please click on our website’s Find Food link to see a complete listing of our existing provider programs.
Applications cannot be found on this website. Please call Erica Hanson, Director of Community Impact, at 401-230-1703 with membership questions or inquiries. 
If your organization does not meet membership criteria, or does not fill a gap in our current network, we can offer resources and referrals that may help.