Tour the Food Bank

Take a Tour of Our Facility

Tour the Food BankYou can also tour the Food Bank during regular designated hours of operation. Tours must be scheduled in advance. Please contact us for more information.


To schedule a tour, email or call 401-942-6325. If the tour group is arriving separately, please designate a person to be responsible for ensuring that all members of the tour group have arrived.

Group Size 

The Food Bank welcomes school and youth group tours, however, we request a one to five teacher to student ratio at all times. For safety, we ask that tour groups try to limit their size to about 20 people total, but if your group is larger please inquire about making accommodations.

Expectation of Behavior 

During tours, the Food Bank is open for regular business, which includes agency representatives picking up food orders and warehouse equipment activity. It is important that all visitors keep from interrupting this work by remaining in the designated areas. Supervising adults are responsible for maintaining appropriate behavior of children while in our facility. All guests must wear closed-toe shoes.