Donate Food

Host a Food Drive

The Food Bank distributes 223,000 pounds of food each week! To meet the need in the community, we’re asking for your help.

You can make a difference by hosting a food drive or donating funds.



Let us help!

The Food Bank can provide posters and collection bins (pictured). To request supplies for your food drive, contact us.

Download a Food Drive poster.
(Print size is 11 x 17)

Here’s what you can do:

  • Barrel box crop webDrop off donations of non-perishable food any weekday (except holidays) from 8 am to 4 pm at the Food Bank, 200 Niantic Ave, Providence. Directions.
  • Organize a food drive in your neighborhood or at your school, business, or organization. We can provide posters and collection bins. Check out our One Company Can page.
  • Kids can help too! Visit our One Kid Can page to learn how young people can make a difference.
  • Make a financial donation to the Food Bank. Every dollar you give enables us to acquire three meals for a family in need of food assistance. You can also create an online fundraiser to make it easier for people to contribute to your drive.

Most-Needed Non-Perishable Food Items

Peanut butter

Whole wheat pasta
Tuna Brown rice
Canned & dried beans Boxed macaroni & cheese
Canned soups & stews Granola bars
Canned fruits & vegetables Tomato sauce 
Breakfast cereals Extra virgin olive oil

Please only donate healthy, nutritious food that is in good condition and “in date.” Foods six months past their expiration are not accepted. Keep in mind that, when conducting a food drive, it is best to request foods that are within date to limit the potential for expired product.

Also, no homemade products or glass jars of baby food, please. Boxed cereals and formula are welcome if unopened and within date code.