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About the Food Bank

Since 1982, the Rhode Island Community Food Bank has been distributing millions of pounds of food to those in need of assistance through our network of member agencies across the state.

About the Food Bank

To meet the demand, the Food Bank solicits food donations from the public and from the food industry, including supermarkets, food manufacturers and growers. The Food Bank also purchases food at low cost from wholesalers.

Equipped with a 77,000-square-foot facility, a fleet of trucks and a professional staff, the Food Bank safely and efficiently moves nearly 200,000 pounds of food out its doors each week.

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Food Safety First

AIB Audit Banner 2The Rhode Island Community Food Bank meets the highest standards of food safety.

This year we passed our annual AIB International audit with flying colors, scoring 965 out of 1,000.

The Rhode Island Community Food Bank is committed to the highest level of service to its member agencies, donors, and the clients we serve.