You Support Seniors Struggling with High Food Costs  

Julia and Maria are neighbors, friends, and one another’s chosen family. We met the duo at Food Bank member agency Connecting for Children and Families in Woonsocket. 


Maria moved here just five years ago after retiring from her work as a police officer, so she now relies on Social Security. Julia and her family have lived in the area since 2008 and she receives disability benefits.  


In a lively conversation through a translator, the friends shared that since prices for food have remained elevated, it’s difficult to afford healthy groceries on a fixed income. At the pantry, the women both selected eggplant – an example of a healthy food they wouldn’t be able to afford to buy at the store. 


The friends expressed their gratitude for the community of support they have at the agency – and in you. Thank you for partnering with the Food Bank and our agencies to make sure Rhode Islanders of all ages have nutritious food on the table and hope for tomorrow.