Healthy Habits Nutrition Education

Virtual Nutrition Education

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Healthy Habits nutrition education team has stopped visiting member agencies with in-person cooking demonstrations and workshops.

Instead, we have focused on moving the program to a virtual platform, by recording recipes and educational sessions that can be used by anyone with internet access.

Healthy Recipes

Check out some Healthy Recipes from the program.

Recipes include full meals for the entire family and healthy bites for quick answers to your questions about eating well and safely. And, of course, there is valuable information about how to make a healthy meal on a limited budget using items often found in the food pantries of the Food Bank’s member agencies.

Here are some of the Healthy Bites Topics coming your way:

  • How to Read a Nutrition Label
  • Handling Food Safely: Food Safety for the home
  • Ways to Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

And for kids:

  • Re-Think Your Drink with Jazzy Juice Demo
  • Creating Healthy Habits

Some of the recipes you’ll find include:

  • Veggie Bean Quesadillas
  • Mediterranean Salad
  • Pear Ginger Smoothies
  • Butternut Squash Fritters

In addition to healthy recipes, topics cover food safety, physical fitness and health and wellness.

Youth Feedback

Healthy Habits, Happy Kids! Our Healthy Habits team recently had the opportunity to ask our Kids Cafe participants about their favorite healthy foods. Using a placemat template, kids share why they like eating healthy foods! Visit our Facebook page for the full album.

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