Healthy Habits Nutrition Education

Learn about childhood weight and obesity issue on The Rhode to Health podcast featuring Healthy Habits and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island.

Check out some Healthy Recipes from the program.

Bringing nutrition education directly to the people who need it most: guests of Food Bank member agencies.

The program is held on site at member agencies and is designed to help guests create healthier meals on a tight budget, with a focus on balance, moderation and variety.

In addition to offering learning experiences for guests, the Food Bank also trains staff and volunteers at our member agencies, so they can extend these opportunities to more people.

Healthy Habits is a flexible program, designed to meet various levels of interest and availability among those we serve.

Regardless of the length of the learning experience, we always focus on four key areas:

  • Nutrition
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Food Safety
  • Food Budgeting

Check out some Healthy Recipes from the program.

Class Series

Three different class series are available for programs with kitchens and/or serving areas.

Community Cooking class at Federal Hill House

Healthy Habits for Adults and Family

This 6-week class series is geared towards adults and parents with school –aged children and focuses on MyPlate as well as food safety, food budgeting and meal planning for families. A bag of groceries is provided to each participating household for 4 out of the 6 weeks of this program.

Healthy Habits for Older Adults

This 6-week class is geared towards mature adults. It focuses on MyPlate for Older Adults, food safety, food budgeting and on the prevention and management of specific conditions that older adults encounter such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, the importance of hydration, bone and memory health, and more! A bag of groceries is provided to each participant for 4 of the 6 weeks of this program.

Healthy Habits: Mission Nutrition for School-Aged Kids

This 6-week class series is geared towards school-aged children ages 8-12 and focuses on MyPlate for children and includes hands-on food science activities and more! Each week students will work on a food-related activity or experiment and make a healthy recipe in class.

Guest Workshops & Trainings

These 30-60 minute workshops involve interactive activities and require audience participation. They are best suited for programs that have a captive audience and have a space to host the workshop.

Click here for a list of workshops.

Quick Pick Demos

These 1-5 minute activities are best suited for food pantry distributions or at meal sites where programs participants are passing through but not available for extended periods of time, or at events where a table can be set up for participants to visit if desired.

Quick Pick offerings range from kid targeted options such as ‘Organ Wise Guys’ — short nutrition outreach lessons for sites where children attend — to options that target parents, adults, and older adults that address topics such as food safety, cooking, portion control, rethink your drink, and more!

Quick Pick demonstrations are fun, interactive, and a great way to spread important information to your guests. Speak to a member of the Food Bank’s Nutrition Education Team to find the right Quick Pick Demonstration for your site!

Member Agency Training

These 30-60 minute trainings are for staff and volunteers on-site at Food Bank Member Agencies. They are designed as train-the-trainers to share the information learned with their guests.

Click here for a list of trainings.