Holiday Meal Drive

The impact of inflation is hitting hard in Rhode Island. With the cost of food up by 13%, home heating oil up by 43% and gas, rent and other expenses consistently on the rise, families are struggling.

This holiday season, you can help us put food on the tables of our neighbors in need. Here’s how you can help.

Make a gift

The most efficient way to support the Food Bank is to make a monetary
gift that we can put to use to purchase healthy, nutritious foods for
those in need.

Start a Fundraising Campaign

Challenge your friends, family or colleagues to support the Food Bank
with a custom fundraiser. You can make the fundraiser in honor of an
event, like a birthday, anniversary or family reunion, or break into teams
for a little healthy competition.

Do a Food Drive

Schools, church groups, small businesses and
neighborhoods can start their very own food drive. Try narrowing it
down to specific items for the best results.

Become a Monthly Sustainer

A simple way to contribute to a stable revenue source for the Food
Bank. You decide on an amount that meets your budget. Your gift is
automatically billed to your credit card or deducted from your bank
account each month. And you can change your monthly amount,
suspend or discontinue your support at any time.

Spread the word on Social Media

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LinkedIn. Like, follow and share with your networks to help us reach
new audiences!