Thank You for Strengthening Rachel’s Family 

Rachel and her husband work hard to keep the family budget in check, but she’s grateful to have somewhere to turn when the unexpected occurs.

“Just keeping this one bill down by coming to the pantry is helpful,” Rachel says.

The Bristol couple relies on Rachel’s husband’s income to pay the bills and keep enough food on the table, but it isn’t always enough. They recently went from two vehicles to one when they couldn’t afford the second car’s repair costs, and Rachel’s 19-year-old stepson suddenly moved back in with them.

“It can be hard to keep our food bill down with a 19-year-old eating everything,” Rachel says, laughing.

Thankfully, Rachel discovered the East Bay Food Pantry in Bristol, a Food Bank member agency she visits when she’s running low on healthy food for her family.

“This helps to curb my grocery bill enough to be able to get by with what we have left,” she says.

Rachel and her husband have a produce garden, but she says when it’s off-season, she’s especially grateful to be able to find fresh fruits and vegetables at the food pantry. She recently made a roast with chicken, potatoes and various vegetables.

“I sat down and looked at it and realized, ‘everything on this plate is from the pantry,’” she says.

Thank you for partnering with the Food Bank today to help Rhode Islanders like Rachel fill plates full of nutritious food this fall.