25/Jan/17 / 16:15

Member Agency Trainings

Melissa Martland-Kile provides nutrition education trainingNutrition 101

General review of all components of the USDA MyPlate in a fun and interactive format. This workshop is an asset for volunteers and staff at pantries who wish to help guide guests toward making healthy selections for their household as well as for programs that work directly with guests whether it be preparing their meals or just being a part of their eating culture.

How to Read a Nutritional Label

Participants will be instructed on how to read and put to use the information that is listed on food nutritional labels and what the related health benefits of doing so are. This workshop is ideal for staff and volunteers at programs that work with guests who have specific diet needs. By fully understanding all the information listed, volunteers and staff can assist those guests with making the best choices in food selection.

Handling Food Safely

Your site’s food safety certified manager is there to guide safe food operations. This workshop supports your certified manager by providing other volunteers and staff with basic safe food handling education. Also learn answers to questions on where to store certain foods, when dents are safe and what the dates mean on food products! This is not a certification program but a great way to learn the basics that will help keep the food your program serves safe.

Food Too Good To Waste

Learn about food waste, why it happens and how we can avoid it. By making small shifts in how we shop, store and prepare foods we can toss less, eat well and save money; while keeping valuable resources used to produce and distribute food from going to waste. In the workshop we will learn four strategies to reduce food waste!