Healthy Food for Growing Boys

“I’m a mom trying to navigate this crazy world with two boys,” Timesha says.

Like most parents, Timesha does everything she can to make sure her children’s needs are met. She’s grateful for friends like you who help ensure that healthy food is always on the menu for her growing boys, Christian 4, and Elijah 8.

Timesha is in school to become a medical assistant and plans to work in community health. In the meantime, she’s so grateful for the support she’s found at Food Bank member agency Federal Hill House in Providence.

“It’s really good because my family isn’t nearby so it’s just me and the boys,” she says. “Going to Federal Hill House makes me feel like I’m not alone anymore. I have a support system.”

Timesha receives SNAP and WIC benefits, but she says her growing boys naturally eat a lot and she has trouble making ends meet at the end of the month because food prices are so high.

“Without Federal Hill House, I would have to sacrifice food for myself just to make sure that my kids have the food they need,” she says. “Thankfully, I don’t have to do that.”

You are helping us to improve the quality of life for Timesha and all Rhode Islanders—thank you!