Giving Now and Into the Future

Having an Impact that Continues On

goodwins-givingFor both George and Betsey Goodwin, giving was instilled at an early age. Their 33 year marriage solidified the importance of these values and they have passed them down to the next generation, their children Molly and Michael.

Neither George or Betsey was born in Rhode Island, but it is home and the place where they have chosen to have an impact.

As George explains, “We’ve lived here longer than we’ve lived anywhere else. Supporting the Food Bank is a way of expressing solidarity with the state.”

One way they’ve made that possible is by providing for the Food Bank well into the future with a generous legacy gift through their estate plan.

Long-term Impact
With their planned gift to the Food Bank, the Goodwins have established that their estate will address hunger long after they’re gone.

“Estate planning allows us a way to express where we want to have some impact,” according to George. “And it makes sure that our instructions are clear so the responsibility doesn’t fall on our children or grandchildren.”

In their experience, they found that the tools for donating into the future are easy to use. With their individual IRA accounts, they have the opportunity to make changes or adjustments as they grow older.

page-11-goodwins-in-japan“In any family there are a finite number of dollars,” adds George. “And we have to choose how we allocate them.”

Food is a Basic Human Need
Betsey articulates why they have chosen to give to the Food Bank – now and into the future.

“I feel very fortunate that I’ve never been in a situation where I don’t have enough to eat or to feed my children. I can’t imagine what it feels like to be hungry.”

As they often complete each other’s thoughts, George adds: “The work of the Food Bank is so simple and basic. Food is a basic human need. A human need that doesn’t disappear.”

After doing some research and touring the Food Bank, they both agreed that the organization was deserving of their support.

George explains, “When we came for a tour, I was astonished by the scope; the scale.”

And Bestsey adds, “I don’t think people know how many people need your help. They don’t realize the number of residents of Rhode Island who need help (with food).”

That’s why they have chosen to share their kindness and compassion with the Food Bank.

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