Executive Office

Andrew Schiff
Chief Executive Officer
(401) 230-1660
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Finance, Human Resources & Technology

Christine Cannata
Chief Financial Officer
(401) 230-1661
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Maribeth Cirelli
Director of Administration
(401) 230-1662
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Kathie Falcone
Director of Finance (Part-Time)
(401) 230-1664
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Abez Acosta-Febus

Mary Hunt
Accounts Payable Manager
(401) 230-1666
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Lucia Perez
Finance Coordinator
(401) 230-1665
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Linda Pickett
Office Manager
(401) 230-1663
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Resource Development & Communications

Lisa Roth Blackman
Chief Philanthropy Officer
(401) 230-1672
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Carol Colavita
Development Coordinator
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Kathy Correia
Development Information Manager
(401) 230-1673
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Karen Fuller
Director of Philanthropy
(401) 230-1676
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Jill Gonsalves
Director of Annual Giving
(401) 230-1675
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Samuel Howard
Communications Coordinator
(401) 230-1680
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Hugh C. Minor IV
Director of Communications
(401) 230-1674
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Doris Moore
Grants Manager
(401) 230-1678
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Kelly Seigh
Volunteer and Special Events Manager
(401) 230-1679
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Community Programs & Operations

Jen Tomassini
Chief Operating Officer
(401) 230-1693
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Erica Hanson
Director of Agency Services
(401) 230-1703
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Heather Langlois
Director of Community Kitchen
(401) 230-1714
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Eva Agudelo
Assistant Director of Programs
(401) 230-1708
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Siu Chin
Administrative Representative (Part-Time)
(401) 230-1702
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Trevor Daneker
Programs Compliance Officer
(401) 230-1758
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Patricia Dolloff
Community Kitchen Coordinator (Part-Time)
(401) 230-1688
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Kristina Fox
Community Resource Coordinator
(401) 230-1701
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Ronald Lewis
Community Kitchen Manager
(401) 230-1715
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Melissa Martland-Kile
Nutrition Education Coordinator
(401) 230-1700
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Mev Miller
Career Readiness and Life Skills Manager
(401) 230-1713
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Hope Indeglia O’Brien
Agency Services Manager (Part-Time)
(401) 230-1704
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Liz O’Dea
Agency Services Representative
(401) 230-1706
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Ed Cash
Assistant Director of Transportation
(401) 230-1685
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Gary Ivone
Director of Facility 
(401) 230-1689
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Jim Borelli
Warehouse Worker

Julio Cesar Estacuy
Maintenance Representative

Al Daluz
Warehouse Worker

Charles LeClerc
Receiving Supervisor

Donna Loiselle
Inventory Control Coordinator
(401) 230-1696
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John Nash

Patti Perry
Customer Service Coordinator
(401) 230-1692
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Cheryl Powers
Food Donations Manager
(401) 230-1691
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Joe Reynolds

Gary Sanborn
Operations Supervisor
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Joaquim Semedo
Warehouse Worker

Mark Sousa
Warehouse Worker

Mark Shackelford
Senior Warehouse Worker

Rob Taylor
Transportation Coordinator

Kieran Wilder
Operations Administrative Manager
(401) 230-1690
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