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Workshops and Trainings

RI Food Bank's Melissa helping teach clients about staying healthyNutrition 101

General review of all components of the USDA MyPlate in a fun and interactive format.

Value of Vegetables

Participants will learn the value of eating a variety of vegetables as well as money saving techniques for keeping the cost down.

Fill Up With Fruit

The goal of this lesson is to present practical ways to include more fruit into a diet while keeping cost in mind, and addressing why it is important for good health.

Good Grains

This lesson addresses identification and preparation of whole grain products as well as ideas on making substitutions to assist with a goal of making half the day’s grains whole.

Think your Drink

This lesson plan will address identification of sugar in beverages and how to make substitutions to reduce consumption.

How to Read a Nutritional Label

Participants will be instructed on how to read and put to use the information that is listed on food nutritional labels and what the related health benefits of doing so are. This workshop is ideal for staff and volunteers at programs that work with guests who have specific diet needs. By fully understanding all the information listed, volunteers and staff can assist those guests with making the best choices in food selection.

Fight Bac, Food Safety in Action

Essential to good health is following safe food handling practices, this lesson will touch on four areas to address for safety; Cook, Chill, Clean, and Separate.

Sesame Street, Food For Thought

Videos that star these famous Muppets address healthy eating for children, and have accompanying information for adults. In addition we offer games and activities to keep the children activated and motivated. The appropriate age range is 2-8, and a DVD player and television is required for this selection.

Organ Wise Guys

Organ Wise Guys is a unique program for children emphasizing the importance of eating healthy and daily physical activity through the understanding of vital organs. After an ice-breaker warm up activity, students are introduced to the Organ Wise Guy doll. Students then meet each individual character, the organs that live inside all of us, and learn about their functions.

Food Too Good To Waste

Learn about food waste, why it happens and how we can avoid it. By making small shifts in how we shop, store and prepare foods we can toss less, eat well and save money while keeping valuable resources used to produce and distribute food from going to waste. In the workshop we will learn four strategies to reduce food waste!

Re-Fresh Pantry

This toolkit is geared towards organizing pantries and meal sites with nutrition in mind. Our goal is to showcase healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables, by following four strategies.

  1. Increase access to healthy foods
  2. Improve visibility and enhance displays
  3. Signage
  4. Promote nutrition: including Community Cooking, Wholesome Eating on a Budget classes & quick picks