Healthy Habits Workshops & Trainings

Workshops & Trainings
for Agency Guests

These 30-60 minute workshops involve interactive activities and are best for a captive audience.

Nutrition 101

General review of the components of a healthy lifestyle.

Value of Fruits & Vegetables

Learn practical and budget-friendly ways to include more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Heart Health

Learn ways to reduce the risk of heart disease by focusing on key foods and exercise.

How to Read a Nutrition Label

By fully understanding the label, guests can choose the best products for themselves.

Re-Think Your Drink

Learn to identify sugar in beverages and how to make the healthiest choices.

Ways to Reduce Added Sugar

Learn ways to uncover hidden added sugars in food and how to make substitutes to reduce excess sugar consumption.

All About Fiber

Learn about the benefits of fiber and the best ways t o prepare meals with whole grains and other high fiber foods.