Recipes for You

At the Food Bank, we set a goal that 90% of the food we send out to our members is “core” food; healthy, unprocessed foods that you can use to prepare a full meal. So, to help you make that meal, we’ve compiled a collection of recipes from different sources. You can read them online, or print them out to keep in your own cookbook.

Download our Mango Calamari Salad recipe!

From Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits nutrition education program teaches healthy eating and food safety to adults and children on a budget. Healthy Habits often provides classes for guests of member agencies and also conducts demonstrations for member agency staff at the RI Community Food Bank using ingredients commonly found in our warehouse.

You can support programs like Healthy Habits by making a donation to the Food Bank.



From Community Kitchen

The Community Kitchen culinary education program is a free, 14-week course that provides its students with the training necessary to start a career in the food industry. Students learn a range of skills, including different recipes to make and try at home.