Create a Fundraising Page

You Can Fundraise Online

One click CAN make a difference!

You can create your own personalized fundraising campaign to raise money for Rhode Islanders in need of food assistance.

It’s easy to get started:

  1. Create an individual fundraiser OR create a team fundraiser so others can join your fundraising efforts.
  2. Upload a photo, and customize your campaign.
  3. Submit your campaign, and receive a personal link.
  4. Share with your family & friends.
  5. Watch the donations roll in!

Check out our new fundraising tool.

Here are a few fundraising ideas:

  • Celebrating a milestone birthday? Ask your friends and family to contribute to your fundraiser in lieu of gifts.
  • Ask friends and family to celebrate any momentous occasion (wedding, anniversary, graduation, new home, etc.) by making a gift to the Food Bank.
  • Plan a dinner party and instead of guests bringing a host gift, ask them to donate to the Food Bank.
  • Participate in a walk, run or bike ride and ask people to show their support with a Food Bank donation.
  • Enhance or replace a workplace food drive with the option for people to give online.

Use your own creativity to help alleviate hunger in our state!

Click here to start your fundraiser!

If you have trouble accessing your existing fundraising page, click here or please contact us.