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Federal Budget Threatens Food Security

The proposed federal budget will severely impact some of the most vulnerable populations in Rhode Island: children and seniors living in poverty who rely on food assistance programs.

Funding cuts to SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, would force our state government to either make up the difference (an estimated $68 million annually) or reduce the amount of benefits distributed.

SNAP has been an effective tool in reducing food insecurity. Shredding this safety net would negatively impact the lives of tens of thousands of children and families in the Ocean State.

Read a recent opinion piece from Food Bank CEO Andrew Schiff which appeared in The Providence Journal.

Close the Meal Gap

The Meal Gap in Rhode Island

advocate-for-change-pageThere is a significant meal gap in Rhode Island for low-income families.  These households miss out on meals because they cannot afford adequate food.

Today, government nutrition programs are the primary source of meals for this population.  In addition, many families rely on food pantries and meal programs that are part of the Rhode Island Community Food Bank’s statewide network of member agencies.

And yet, all of the food assistance provided by government and charitable programs is not enough to meet the need.

Get all the facts by reading the Food Bank’s 2016 Status Report on Hunger in Rhode Island.

Contact Your Leadership

For your convenience, below you’ll find contact information for Rhode Island’s Congressional Delegates as well as a list of email addresses for members of the General Assembly.

Rhode Island Governor’s Office

Rhode Island’s Congressional Delegates

On behalf of Rhode Islanders struggling to put meals on the table, thank you for contacting your legislators!