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website-homepage-picEach month, the Rhode Island Community Food Bank serves 59,000 clients through its network of member agencies across the state.

Everyone has their own unique story but we have selected a few to show you how the Food Bank – through your support – is making a difference.

Kristi Bussler picks up groceries in JohnstonStruggling to Make Ends Meet
Kristi fights to support her family during difficult economic times.

“Three years ago, it was an especially bad winter. It just never ended and I had no car and couldn’t afford heat in the house. We heated up water on the stove to take baths. I didn’t even mind it for me, but, for my son, it was terrible.”

Becoming Who He Was Always Meant to Be
Chef Nick graduates from Community Kitchen to teach others the trade.

“I jumped at the opportunity, using all of the skills I had learned in Community Kitchen during the interview process. I was prepared and they hired me.”

heather-st-edwardsWithout the Food Bank, Where Would We Be?
Read the story of Heather, a client at St. Edward Food and Wellness Center.

“When I was little, we went to bed hungry. People just don’t understand. We don’t have the resources, especially toward the end of the month, so we rely on these agencies.”

Every Bit Helps
Salsia relies on the Olneyville Food Center to support her daughter and the grandson in her care.

“I am so happy that they are here to help me. Before I came here, I didn’t know what to do, but now we have food, we have diapers. We have these things for the baby.”

Taking A Chance 2Putting in the Effort
One Community Kitchen student worked to turn his life in a new direction.

“As an African-American male growing up in Boston, your life expectancy was 21. Here I am now at 43 doing what I love and taking care of my family.”