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Nothing Can End Hunger in Rhode Island

When most of us want food, we just go to the grocery store and buy it. But for many other Rhode Islanders, that simply isn’t an option. They come home to bare cabinets and empty refrigerators—kitchens filled with nothing.

We wanted to find something that might help the rest of us—in some small way—to understand what that feels like. So we decided to package that “Nothing” the same way we’re used to seeing foods: canned and on the shelf at the grocery store. But these empty cans are more than a symbol—purchasing a can of Nothing means putting food on a hungry Rhode Islander’s table.

Have your school or community group participate in the Nothing campaign (PDF, 505KB). After you receive your cans of Nothing, use them to collect change for the Food Bank. Your donations will help turn nothing into something for hungry Rhode Islanders.


Nothing was produced pro-bono by NAIL, an award-winning firm in Providence, and its advertising was made possible by Citizens Bank Foundation. Learn more by visiting