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This page offers information that will be valuable to member agencies and the people they serve. The page is divided into two sections: one to assist the staff and volunteers of member agencies, and the other provides to assist clients of our agencies and the community at large.

Manuals & Tools for Member Agencies

The tools listed here are designed by the RI Community Food Bank specifically for member agencies. They provide member agencies with organizational tools to strengthen and sustain reliable food assistance services. These technical assistance resources include organizational and professional development. Some information may be relevant to general audiences.

Community Resources

The resources included here provide direction and support for member agencies to offer reliable referrals for basic needs services (beyond food assistance) to their guests or clients. However, these resources will also have broad appeal to general audiences or anyone offering assistance services. Links to local and national directories and organizations are provided.

Manuals & Tools for Member Agencies

The resources listed here will help Food Bank member agencies to strengthen and sustain their program offerings. Many of these resources offer best practices and technical assistance from the Food Bank as well as agency peer-to-peer networking and expertise.

Partner Agency Handbook
Member Networking Tools
Food Safety and Nutrition Education
Leadership & Organizational Stability
Workshop Notes

Community-Based Resources and Programs

The Food Bank’s Community Resource Coordinators research and compile user-friendly and reliable community resource information for member agencies and their clientele. Covering a wide range of topics, these resources primarily address the basic needs services necessary to sustain and improve the quality of life for those individuals and families seeking food assistance. Many of the resources can be downloaded from this section of the website.

Resource Materials & Toolkits
Monthly Resource FAQs
Food Assistance Agencies & Policy
Nutrition Education
Links to Directories & Resources