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Gifts that Give Back

Help alleviate hunger with the purchase of one of our Gifts that Give Back. A significant percentage of the proceeds from the sale of these items goes directly to the Food Bank. To purchase items that are not available online, call Kathy Correia at (401) 230-1673 or via email. Shipping costs may apply.

2014 City Dining Cards: $20

Back by popular demand, City Dining Cards has put together a fresh "deck" of 50 cards that gives you $10 off the price of a $30 meal at great local restaurants. Each deck costs $20. If you buy online and enter the code RIFOODBANK at checkout, $11 of the purchase price will go directly to the RI Community Food Bank. You can also purchase City Dining Cards directly from the Food Bank office.


Download Bandwagon's "Three Sides of Hunger" Songs

This award-winning classic charity recording, Three Sides of Hunger, was first released in 1986 and features 150 of Rhode Island's notable musicians, politicians, media professionals, religious leaders and activitists. 

Producer Al Gomes conceived the album  to elevate awareness of the plight of the poor in America and raise money for those American agencies that aid the hungry and homeless.

The music continues to support Rhode Islanders in need through downloads of the songs. Every penny raised through downloads benefits the Food Bank.

Featured artists include John Cafferty, Cheryl Wheeler, Mark Cutler, Gail Greenwood, Dan Moretti, Thom Enright and Jim Beaupre.

To purchase the songs on "Three Sides of Hunger, " click here to buy from itunes or click here to buy from


Mr. Potato Head License Plates

When your vehicle sports a Mr. Potato Head license plate, everyone will know you care about the issue of hunger in Rhode Island. Mr. Potato Head license plates cost $41.50 (one-time only fee) in addition to your registration fee. Twenty dollars of the purchase price benefits the Food Bank; the remainder covers administration costs. Mr. Potato Head license plates were first issued in 2002 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Hasbro’s creation of the iconic toy.

Order your Mr. Potato Head license plate (PDF, 60KB) today!


Food Bank Aprons: $10

The perfect gift for the great chef or grill master in your life. These aprons are made of durable denim to hold up to the toughest culinary challenges!