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Stock Gifts

Woman holding an infant.Donate More for Less with a Gift of Stock

Your gift of highly appreciated securities will help struggling Rhode Islanders and may be tax-deductible.

To transfer securities electronically to the Food Bank, contact Jill Gonsalves at (401) 230-1675 or via email.

Instructions for making a stock gift to the RI Community Food Bank

  • RI Community Food Bank Tax ID#05-0395601
  • DTC Participant #0954
  • RI Community Food Bank Association Account #10595928010
  • Investment Contact:
    Lindsay Hutchinson
    Portfolio Administrator

    BNY Mellon  
    One Financial Plaza, Suite 2200
    Providence, RI 02903
    Ph: (401) 228-2533
    Fax:  (401) 228-2510

  • Rhode Island Community Food Bank Contact:
    Jill Gonsalves
    Director of Annual Giving
    Rhode Island Community Food Bank
    200 Niantic Avenue
    Providence, RI 02907
    Ph: 401-230-1675
    Fax: 401-942-2328

Instructions for Transfer of Cash Gifts to the RI Community Food Bank

  • BNY Mellon
    ABA #011001234
    Credit to DDA: 108138
    Attention: Private Wealth Management
    Reference: RI Community Food Bank Association
    Account No.: 10595928010

Download instructions (PDF, 66KB).

Here is an example of how a larger gift will cost you less by donating stock instead of cash:

Matt has stocks currently valued at $25,000 that he purchased for $5,000 several years ago.  This will result in a $20,000 capital gain if he sells the securities.  He is in a 35 percent income tax bracket.
If Matt donates this stock to the Food Bank, both he and the organization will reap the benefits.

  • Matt receives an income tax charitable deduction for the full fair market value of $25,000, saving him $8,750 ($25,000 X 35%) in income taxes.
  • Matt bypasses the $20,000 capital gain and in his 15 percent capital gains tax bracket, he saves $3,000 ($20,000 X 15%).
  • Matt's total tax savings from both capital gains and income taxes is $11,750!  And, the gift only cost Matt the $5,000 he initially invested.